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A small team of investment professionals who are specialized in chart analysis and model portfolio set up. Through this site we demonstrate a glimps of our work. We offer Technical Analysis reports, guidance, training and desk-set ups for financial houses. We have been in the markets since 1991 and have worked with some of the biggest names in the region. We build a technical analysis desk in some of the biggest financial houses in the Middle East and have been teaching techincal analysis to the investing public since 1998.


Cassiopeia Trading Tactics is a virtual Technical Analysis services company. We offer "exclusive white labelled reports", tailored to your needs. We also offer "in-house training" for corporations and occasional public courses for the retail investor. We have a track record of 17 years in the Middle East Region. We cover the following stock markets exclusively and hence can not offer this service for more than one client for each market.

Our focus within the MENA region is: Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudia, Qatar, Kuwait. We also cover the ASEAN markets with our focus in: Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Thailand but does not exclude Australia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. Some of these markets are already taken. Contact us for more details to see if your needed market coverage is available.


The Instructor has twenty years of working experience in the local and international markets. He is one of the first to introduce Technical Analysis in Egypt and the Middle East. In 1998 he established the first TA Desk in a leading investment bank in Egypt. Later he set up another two TA Desks in two major Investment Banks.

He was the Chief Technical Analyst at EFG-Hermes, Beltone Financial and at CIBC. He worked with Dutch Investment Bank Kempen&Co. in the Netherlands. He spend some time in the United Arab Emirates and in Kuwait to set up TA desks and teach for several institutions such as NBK Capital (brokerage arm of National Bank of Kuwait), Union Brokerage Co. the Brokerage arm of Union National Bank, and Amanah Capital. He issued several publications in Regional Financial Papers and appeared on Arab Financial Channels. Today he is offering Advisory and Educational guidance for several Financial Institutions in the MENA Region.


Reports: Our reports are send to you by email on a daily basis. Our exclusive reports are not automated. The reason why we do not use automated reports which can produce hundreds or charts daily is due to the drop in quality which is the cost of producing a larger number of charts. Hence automated reports are less accurate in prediction and timing. This means the human element (visual inspection, detecting trendlines & patterns) is crucial in our analysis and is done on a case by case basis (chart by chart). Hence, we do not offer a large number of charts per day. Our reports currently cover 40 to 80 different charts per market every week covering at least Four to Eight sectors depending on the market size. This is our current capacity.The human element, reflected in old school classic chart analysis is our edge. As we grow in size, we plan to train more Chartists and so expand the number of charts covered daily in line with the demand of our clients. 

The reports on this site are designed in line with the colors and fonts of Cassiopeia Trading Tactics for the purpose of demonstration only. Once we sign an agreement, our client's in-house research department will decide what design, colors, fonts and logos to be used in line with your policy. We will not publish samples of our work for reasons of agreed upon privacy of our client(s).

Training Courses: Our Training course is done in-house at your institution upon request, the courses are usually available every 6 - 8 weeks.

For more info contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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