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We cover the Saudi Market periodically. Our focus is on the most actively traded stocks. If you need any specific stock(s)  or if you have any questions please contact us at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SAUDIA - 12 May 2012


TASI [7,221.50 points] is testing the support at 7,209 points. The minor trend is down. Sell the rallies. A close below 7,209 points means a new round of selling taking the price to 6,788 points. Investors: Reduce/Hold.


SRMG [SAR26.00] is approaching the resistance at SAR28.50. Traders can buy the dips. Stop loss at SAR24.00. Take some profits close to the resistance at SAR28.50. Investors: Add/Hold.


ZAIN KSA [SAR9.15] is testing slight support at SAR9.15. The trend is loosing strenth. We detect bearish powers taking control of the stock. A close below the support of SAR9.15 means a new round of selling taking the price to SAR8.10. Take some profits at current levels and wait for a breakout. Investors: Hold.


Atheeb Telecom [SAR18.00] is moving in a sideway range with support at SAR15.40 and with resistance at SAR21.10. Wait for a breakout or trade this range. Amplitude of this range is SAR5.70 (close to 33%). Use a stop loss at SAR14.90. Investors: Hold.

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