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Chartology Course

Dates, Location, Cost & Contacts
Date: Every week
Duration: the course takes 3 days to complete (3 hours daily).
Price: $1,000 per person (minimum 10 students)
Location: In House

Course Description
The art of making money is not merely about a good analysis system be it fundamental or technical, in fact money management and risk management has always been underrated by many traders. 

Chartology is a course that familiarizes you with the basics how to trade the market by combining Analysis with Money Management. How to self evaluate and re-educate yourself during your trading years. How recognizing your mistakes in the market can be used to fine tune your performance. How to adapt to the randomness of the market which in times punishes good behavior and rewards  bad behavior. After finalizing the course candidates will have a working knowledge of how to determine trend direction, when to buy and sell, what quantities to  enter with, how to determine your maximum number of transactions a day in line with your financial and mental risk profile. How to fine tune the investment decision making process.

During the course, practical case studies shall be introduced of actively traded stocks in the local market. The charts shall be analyzed and recommendations shall be given for those stocks. The course is useful for traders, brokers, analysts, fund/portfolio managers, dealers, retail and institutional investors. 

Ps: You will need a 30 cm ruler and a pencil during the course.

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